Biocomma now offers a comprehensive product line of SPE parts, including empty SPE cartridges/multi-well plates, SPE frits and SPE sorbents. These parts are also used to manufacture our Compure® SPE cartridges, and they are verified for a wide range of SPE applications. Customn SPE parts are available, too.
Empty SPE Cartridges, Frits & Sorbents
Empty SPE Multi-Well Plates Empty SPE Multi-Well Plates Details
Empty Rimless SPE Cartridges Empty Rimless SPE Cartridges Details
Empty Luer-Inlet SPE Cartridges Empty Luer-Inlet SPE Cartridges Details
Empty SPE Cartridges Empty SPE Cartridges Details
PTFE Frits PTFE Frits Details
Empty Glass SPE Cartridges Empty Glass SPE Cartridges Details
SPE Sorbents SPE Sorbents Details
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